Kids' Kitchen Recipe DeckIf there was ever a time to play with food, it’s Halloween. Spaghetti guts, Jello-brains…come on! Who doesn’t love that!

Thanks to the folks at Barefoot Books, we’ve found a bunch of tasty, scary recipes that your kiddos can help you make or devour – whether you’ve got a fun Halloween party planned, or just want to make dinner time ghoulishly festive. –Kristen

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This one comes from Kids’ Kitchen, a handy little deck of recipe cards by Fiona Bird, that are all child-friendly, healthy, and did I mention kid-friendly? I’m a big fan of cooking with kids to help get them interested in good foods, whether you’re cooking up “Eyeballs” or not. And in this case…yes. It is Eyeballs. How can we resist?

Recipe: Eyeballs

This makes 15 eyeballs. Meaning you have one cyclops in the group!

1 small tomato
4 black olives
15 small balls of mozzarella cheese

Peel the tomato like you would a potato. Cut the skin into small
pieces. Cut each olive into 4. Cut a very small sliver from the end of
each cheese ball. To assemble, take a toothpick and push it through the
cheese (cut side up). Thread the tomato and the olive onto the stick and
then use your finger to carefully push the tomato and the olive into
the soft cheese to make it look like an eye. Presto, you have bloodshot,
scary eyes.

Download this recipe and a few others like it at Barefoot Books or purchase Kids’ Kitchen for 40 fun recipe cards.

[Recipe copyright Kids’ Kitchen.]