foozie subscriptionWe are what you’d call foodies at my place, despite my sigOth absolutely hating that term. Whatever it means when your pantry is filled with lots of little jars, and you tend to have more kinds of mustards in your fridge than most supermarkets have, that’s what we are. So of course, we’re huge fans of Foodzie, the online marketplace for artisanal and handmade foods.

They’ve just come out with a new service that I am ridiculously excited about. Especially in time for the holidays.

Subscribe to the new Foodzie Gourmet Tasting Box and receive a monthly selection of samples from around the country, that might end up being your
new favorite foods. I was lucky enough to be a beta tester along with
about 30 of our fast-fingered Facebook fans in an impromptu giveaway a few weeks ago, and the delight seemed universal.

Garlic-Onion Pistachios from Fiddyment Farms were gone before we knew it, and the rare Golden Russet Bosc Pear direct from California’s Frog Hollow Farm was silky and sweet. Three other delightful little samples included yummy nut brittles, a honey balsamic vinegar, and a pure Vermont maple syrup that I would buy, if our Papa didn’t already tap his own every winter.

If you love the items in your box, the best part is, you get a super swell discount if you want to go back and try the full-size item, or something else altogether from the same farm or shop.

I’m not sure what the refrigeration deal will be as far as getting
things like cheeses and meats, but I can imagine that future Tasting Box
subscribers will be in for a diverse and tasty set of treats each month. Plus you only sign up one month at a time right now, so the commitment is low.

The catch: There’s a limited number of boxes available. After all, these are small food purveyors we’re dealing with. Trust
me, it’s worth it. That is, if you’re into yummy things in little jars. Whatever you call that.

Sign up for the new Foodzie Gourmet Tasting Box.

UPDATE: Foodzie now ONLY offers subscriptions, with option for members to buy full-sizes of the product samples they receive each month.