Jellio Ice Cream Sandwich Ottoman
Just when I was thinking “You know what would be cool? An ottoman made to look like an ice cream cookie!” our friends at Jellio came along and beat me to it.

We’ve long admired this furniture designer’s wildly imaginative creativity. And now their brand new ice cream cookie piece, which is not to be confused with their already existing ice cream sandwich bench, is no exception.

There’s just something about their whimsical creations (and imagining my kids freaking out if they ever saw one in our house that) can’t help but make a mom smile. Granted, the price tag is a bit prohibitive for us personally, but that can’t stop me from designing the ultimate playroom.  Even if it’s only in my mind.  -Kristen

You can find the ice cream cookie ottoman or table or seat (what is it?) at Jellio.

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