Maia yogurt
I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a yogurt connoisseur. I grew up on Dannon and over the years have tried everything from the healthy and organic to the junky and gimmicky. And apparently I’ve passed on the yogurt gene to my son because the first thing he wants every morning is his YoBaby.

So being the yo-family that we are, I was thrilled to discover  a new brand on the block that makes my taste buds do a little dance.

Maia Yogurt
was created by an entrepreneurial New York City 20-something with the
dietary needs of his pregnant cousin in mind. The recipe was
concocted in his Upper East Side kitchen under the advice of a
registered dietician. The delicious result is packed with enough prebiotics and probiotics
to give your immune system some serious super-powers, plus over 100
million strands of live active bacteria per tablespoon. I’m no good bacteria
expert, but that sounds like a lot to me!

The yogurt itself is
creamy and filling with that Red Mango-ish tang. I love the yummy chunks
of fruit mixed in–not just at the bottom. I tried the strawberry and
blueberry flavors and can’t wait to get my hands on the vanilla bean. With any luck, toddler-size containers are on Maia’s future agenda. –Melissa

Maia Yogurt is starting small–find it in the NY area inFairway and Stew Leonards. Look for nationwide domination soon.


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