best pals rag dolls
I’m kind of in love with anything vintage, especially when it comes to toys. We always joke that generations of children somehow made it through life without dolls that walked, talked, or did the cha-cha, and ours can too, darn it. And get off my lawn, you kids.

If you’re also shaking your arthritic fist at the lack of wholesome, adorable, battery-free dolls for kids out there, you have to check these sweet–and very affordable–rag dolls I just found.

The two Best Pals Rag Dolls
are exact replicas of the dolls made by grandmas Kathy and Janet
Lennon’s own Nana, back in 1949. I actually had a chance to see the
original next to the new ones and it’s uncanny; right down to the
embroidered facial features, yarn hair, and the repro fabrics that make up the
sweet dresses. There’s even a best pals baby bracelet on their little wrists.

only thing missing is the charming age-stained face; but hopefully
you’ll get that on your own in a decade or six.

best pals Kathy doll
Oh, actually one thing has changed since 1949: There are several multicultural dolls in the collection now too.

Cool trivia: Your grandparents will probably know Kathy and Janet as
part of the Lennon sisters, a hugely popular family singing group who
performed for 7 presidents and made appearances on Lawrence Welk for 13
years. Grab one of the Lennon Sisters CDs along with the dolls and you really can make it feel like a ye olde time-y holiday. Except for that whole “CD” part.  –Liz

Find the reproduction Best Pals Rag Dolls online from Best Pals, including the Christmas edition dolls

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