boys fleece pea coat
A neighbor and I were just discussing the challenge of purchasing boy’s clothes these days and we both agreed that you really do get what you pay for. And since I’m not too keen on purchasing two sets of clothes every season–sometimes more–I’m on a constant mission to find stylish clothes for my son that will actually survive what he dishes out.

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Enter the Wes & Willy line from Red, a cool clothes company that’s renewed my belief that cool boys clothes not only exist, but are easy to find.

At first glance, I admit that the clothes they sent over for review looked pretty similar to some
of the mainstream mall brands. But after trying them on my extremely
active son and washing them a few times, I have to say that they’re
unlike anything I’ve seen. Think high quality department store
boy’s clothes, with the edge of some of the cheaper, trendier brands, all designed to make it through at least one hand-me-down series.

Cool Mom Picks Pick of the Year 2010
My son is completely smitten with the “Free Kick” shirt (pictured),
which, along with the slew of other sports-inspired t-shirts are a nice
way to give props to your son’s favorite pastime without having to go
the sports jersey route. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the fleece pea coat (shown) which is a welcome change from the the sea of over-the-head zip-up fleeces.

Most of all, I’m extremely impressed with the prices, which are
surprisingly comparable to what I’ve seen for clothes that aren’t half as
great. A $38 fleece pea coat. Welcome! -Kristen

You can purchase Wes & Willy clothes at – and Cool Mom Picks readers, get 20% off your purchase along with a free hat (cool!) with code “coolmoms10” [You’ll be emailed to get hat size info after your purchase]

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