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My kindergartener started taking soccer lessons this year, forcing me into the kids sports apparel section of our local humongo chain store for the first time. Little did I know how hard it would be to suit her up; I’d have to force feed her Twinkies for a year to keep the size S shorts from falling around her ankles.

I’m happy to see that Zio Sport understands that little athletes-in-the-making start young.

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This newish mom (and grandmother!) owned Austin-based company makes youth athletic shorts
and other apparel that start as small as a YXS–officially a 4, but the
pair they sent for review fit my string bean 5.5 year-old daughter
fantastically. Especially with the drawstring inside the elastic
waistband. And the best part – it doesn’t just come in pink for girls.

Hear that? That’s the sound of thousands of soccer-playing girls singing hallelujah in unison.

I really like everything about Zio Sport,
including their whole premise: Keep kids comfy and they’ll stay active
longer. I also like the great range of athletic wear for boys and girls
(some of it with the logo splashed across it less than others, ahem) the
UVB protective fabrics, and the handy pockets on some of the
pieces.It’s evident that they get a ton of input from kids on design,
right down to the color combos and fabrics.

This is serious performance wear designed and made specifically for
junior athletes; it’s not just adult stuff cut down to smaller sizes.
Nice small brand alternative to the swoosh. –Liz

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