I remember when my first child was born. My husband and I agonized over what kind of stroller we should get. We were initially quite pleased with our trendy choice, but if we knew then what we know now, we certainly wouldn’t have bought the one we did. It was expensive, it was big, and it took up pretty much all of our tiny one-bedroom apartment.

A few years later, I’m still a sucker for style when it comes to baby gear. But with baby number three on the way, I know a thing or two about what I’m looking for in a stroller:

compact, easy to maneuver, and, let’s face it, not the cost of a family set of iPads.

Well, I’ve found an answer.

The new Maxi Cosi Mila stroller
will fit the bill for so many parents. It’s cute. It’s compact. And
it’s affordable. Plus, it even has adapters for the Maxi Cosi car seat,
so you can use it from birth right on up until your kid outgrows a
stroller–which they say is 50 pounds, so if you make skinny kids
like I do, you’ll really get your money’s worth.

What I really like about this stroller –aside from the fact
that it comes in some pretty nifty colors– is that it’s
somewhere between an umbrella stroller and a more heavy-duty stroller.
So, it folds up really easily and takes up very little space, but it’s strong and sturdy and could easily
be the only stroller you’ll need.

It’s easy to push, easy to fold and easy to store thanks to the
automatic storage latch. Heck, if you’re a city-dweller like I am, it
can even stand upright in a corner of your living room and barely get
noticed. And there’s lots of room in the under-seat basket so it’s a
perfect shopping companion, too.

Brilliant. Now I guess I just need to find a place to “store” my
other two kids once this baby comes along so I can really benefit from
the ease of such a great single stroller. –Stephanie

Find the new Maxi Cosi Mila stroller from lots of stores like Babies R Us

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