Olliegraphic Customized Holiday Card
Three cute kids? Check. 

Three cute kids who will sit still for holiday photo? Who will not blink, grimace, scratch, look away, hunch, scowl or stick out their tongue for said photo? 
Yeah, not a check. 
Good thing I’ve found a way to preserve their cuteness for all to see without saying Cheese! for the gazillionth time.

Olliegraphic, that purveyor of the super-cute that we’ve loved for oh-so-long, has us smitten again with their Customizable Holiday Greeting Cards for 1, 2, 3 or even more kids.

And when we say customizable, we don’t just mean hair color and gender. I can pick from eight little girl hair styles, four skin tones and even choose an outfit like a reindeer costume or a little elf—adorable stuff I’d never get on my kids in a million years even if I bribed them with a bucket of candy. Then you have a card that represents your kiddos, without actually shelling out for a professional portrait session. Kind of the best of both worlds.
Also, check out their sweet personalized Hanukkah cards, but be sure to act fast since it’s coming up fast this year.

For all the custom cards, what I love best is that I can even pick the expression on each child’s face. And no, there aren’t any scowls or grimaces in the bunch. Joy to the world! –Christina 

Olliegraphic’s Customized Holiday Greeting Cards are sold in packages of eight for both Christmas and Hanukkah.

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