Black and white patterned baby clothesHaving just welcomed a new baby boy into our fold (well, it feels like “just”–how did we already high five the seven-month marker?), I’m constantly aware of how many onesies, sleepers, and rompers a baby can inherit. Bags. And bags. And bags of cute baby clothes.

But in looking through all of these (well-loved, so appreciated, and totally adorable! Mean it!) clothes, I can tell you that there isn’t even one little shirt among them that was made for the purpose of stimulating infants’ vision. I can also tell you that I never really thought that one might exist. Or that I might want it.

Then I discovered Tutortogs for Babies. The black-and-white baby clothes
have brazenly bold, mod looks with their polka dots, stripes, and
checks. But the cool patterns are there for a reason. When babes are
new, their eyes are drawn to black-and-white patterns, so these clothes
are meant to capture their attention and stimulate their
still-developing eyesight. (Tutortogs makes mama clothes in the same
hypnotizing patterns.)

The clothes–ranging in price from $12 to
$30–are made with finely spun cotton and just a hint of spandex, so
they’re soft and comfy, too. Cool. It’s just a bonus that they’re totally eye-catching for us grown-ups, too. –Lexi

See spots (and all kinds of other patterns) on onesies, gowns, baby caps and more at Tutortogs for Babies.