As my milk-allergic daughter will tell you, the Thanksgiving table can hold one big heaping of “no” for kids with food allergies. No, you can’t have that. Or that. Or that.

And nowhere is this more apparent than when desserts are brought out. So while we always have enough for her to eat at the table, this year, we’ll also have a special treat on hand that is a definite “yes” for kids with food allergies.

Leave it to Divvies, a CMP favorite for many years, to do something special for Thanksgiving with their new limited-edition Chocolate Turkey. Like all of Divvies’ candy, this turkey is free of nuts, gluten, eggs and dairy, but still tastes rich and delicious, like I’d want my chocolate to taste.

I love the traditional mold used for this 3D turkey and that this bird hasn’t been hollowed out: He is stuffed solid with chocolate.

To keep feathers from being ruffled, we’re putting a Divvies Chocolate Turkey on each place setting. I can’t wait to see the look on my daughter’s face when I tell her, Yes, you can have that. -Christina

Grab your limited-edition allergen-free chocolate turkeys from Divvies now before they’ve all flown the coop (heh).

PLUS Hanukkah is coming fast (starting December 1!) so check out Divvies Hanuukkah treats including a Hanukkah chocolate bar and blue and white jelly beans. All Divvies products are certified Kosher Parve.