We’ve been eating out waaaay too much lately because of a kitchen renovation, and though my kids have finally grown sick of chicken fingers, they are also sick of those restaurant-supplied paper activity mats that hold their attention for about five minutes while we wait for our food. 

Rather than another word search for the words “Fries” and “Soda,” I’ve found some awesome placemats to keep them coloring patiently and making something they may actually want to bring home after the meal is done.
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The recycled paper Letterpress Kids Placemats from the super-green designers at 9SpotMonk are a welcome change from those heavily-sponsored kids’ placemats we all know and tolerate. Packaged in sets of 24, there is enough for a birthday party or even around the kids’ table at Thanksgiving.

The ABC’s placemats would be great for little kids still practicing their letter sounds, while my girls would devour the Sushi design with its cute illustrations and Japanese translation. 
And while I love the Dress Me Up placemats, I’m certain my girls would never let a plate of food touch their artwork, and I’d probably be put in charge of cutting out the cute little outfits after dinner.
If I have one suggestion, it’s that I’d love to see 9SpotMonk offer a variety set of their four designs so that my kids will still be as excited the fifth time I put a mat in front of them. Also, more than three crayons in a pack please. After all, my kitchen is nowhere near being done. Sigh. –Christina

You’ll find four unique designs of their recycled paper Kids Color Your Own Placemats from 9SpotMonk.

Congratulations to Jen C – lucky winner of a set of placemats!

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