Mike The Situation BobbleheadI am horrified to admit that I have, upon occasion, watched Jersey Shore. I mean uh, I was just flipping through the channels on the way to a very educational nature show and accidentally stumbled upon it. Once. For four seconds.

It’s clear that this is the guilty pleasure show of the year. Although some feel less guilt about it than others.

For them, may I suggest the talking Jersey Shore bobbleheads? DJ Pauly D is probably the most realistic, followed by Mike “The Situation” who says things like I check out the mirror and like… woooh, today’s gonna be a good day. Snooki’s likeness could use some work, but I’ll be kind and let you figure out why for yourself.

I can’t think of a better, totally useless holiday gift for the kitchy pop culture lover in your life. And yes, it is in fact the end of the world as we know it. Thank you for asking. –Liz

Find the Jersey Shore Bobblehead dolls online from Urban Outfitters or Entertainment Earth