organic grinch plush doll
Watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas is a holiday tradition around here and I can only imagine how well this greener version of the grouchy Grinch himself would go over peeking out of my kid’s stocking.

Now I realize that technically speaking, Dr. Seuss’s beloved holiday
character is already green. But when you turn him into a soft, organic
plush doll by CMP fave miYim, one of the first companies to make organic stuffed creatures for kids,
then he’s completely green, through and through. His fur is made from completely natural, unbleached cotton and colored using low impact dyes that means no toxic substances and less heat, energy, and water in the manufacturing process. Sounds pretty green to me!

And while I’m generally not a fan of stuffed animals since all they do is end up swallowing up
my kids’ beds and filling my toy bins, for this special Grinch, my own heart
grew three sizes. -Kristen

You can find this limited edition organic Grinch in store only at Babies R’ Us . Or see the other organic Dr. Seuss plush characters from miYim online at shops like OrganicBug.

Congratulations to Arthur T, lucky winner of this Grinch plush doll!

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