We have a lot of art on our walls these days. Most are originals. In watercolors. With titles like, “Barney with a glass of orange juice.”

Of course art by professionals is more than welcome, too, and so my husband and I are always on the lookout for artsy pieces that have something to say. With Working Proof, we sort of hit the jackpot. 

The art goes beyond just saying something: it actually does something, too. It benefits charity.

Tuesday at 1:30 PM, The Working Proof puts up a limited-edition new
print by an artist, created just for the site. When you buy it,
15% of the sale goes to the charity of that artist’s choice. Past
artists have contributed to charities including the Jane Goodall Institute, Little Kids
Rock, and Computers for Youth. But this isn’t a flash sale site–you can also buy prints from artists from past weeks, too.
Each print
is awesome and totally affordable–most are in the $30-$60 range–so it
makes it really, really easy to justify if you see something you love. And, you
know, get some cool grown-up art on the walls while you’re at it. -Lexi

Find original artwork to benefit a bunch of cool charities at the Working Proof.


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