Shokay fingerless glovesYes, I pretty much love everything from Shokay. Their gorgeous, hand-knit, fair trade items have made it into our baby shower gift guide, our 2010 holiday gift guide–and now, even our Cool Mom Tech gift guide.

No, they’re not making high-tech electric blankets now; just some awesome fingerless gloves that can solve a lot of problems for a lot of touch-screen phone users.

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Shokay really outdoes themselves again with these luscious, thick Oliver Twist fingerless gloves. They’re incredibly soft, as you might expect from 100% yak down. Oh
wait — don’t know what to expect from yak down, you say? Think cashmere. But less pilling, from what I’ve found.

I kind of love the whole bright color popping out of the sleeves of
neutral coats this winter, and unless it’s super freezing out, your
exposed fingertips will have access to those beloved phone screens at
all time. I can’t be the only one who hates ripping off gloves just to answer my phone.

They come in a salmon color (actually a little more like an orangey-rust
in person) or a vibrant emerald green, and if you like your luxury
accessories in pairs, grab a matching muffler or knit hat. At $60 this is definitely an indulgence or a super special gift for a worthy recipient. (Your favorite babysitter maybe? A fantastic teacher?) But when I think of all the good the purchase does for needy families abroad, it makes it easy for me to justify.

Not that I ever need to justify accessories all that much. –Liz

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Also read more about how your Shokay purchases help to empower impoverished families in China.