We’re kind of in love with Joanne Dugan around here. She’s an amazingly prolific photographer, with her work in about a zillion ads, the awesome Taxi Driver Wisdom book, and most importantly to us, a magical series of children’s books: ABC NYC and 123 NYC, which incorporate evocative numbers and letters photographed around New York City.

Well now she’s onto her next project, which let you take those very letters out of the pages and onto your kids’ walls. While the neon B once stood for bagel, as a wall decal it can stand for baby or Braden or if you’re the Beckhams, (hi Posh!), Brooklyn.

the alphabet city alphabet decalsThe letters are all inspired by New York graffiti and street art, and each tells a story in its own right. But together, they bring such fun to your decor.

You can buy the full set of reusable, moveable alphabet decals which make a super cool new baby gift or a great first holiday gift. Or order letters individually and go nuts. And for those of you who imagine that NYC=toxic sludge, they’re actually all printed with soy inks on a non-toxic vinyl and locally printed at a Rainforest Alliance certified, wind-powered facility.

I love the idea of spelling out Playroom across the playroom wall. Or wait, better: Put Your Toys Away. You mamas of babies will know what I’m talking about any day now. –Liz

Visit Joanne Dugan’s new website, The Alphabet City, for premade or custom letter decals and save 10% on your purchase through 12/31 with code “coolmompicks” in the coupon code section at checkout. You can find her books through her website or from our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to Angela P, lucky winner of a set of alphabet letters!