motocycle rocker - find at a discount on Lilluxe
I’m the first to admit that discount sites can get overwhelming. I get so swept up in the dealiness of everything that I put a bunch of too-good-to-be-so-cheap things in my cart, second-guess every one, and then abandon the whole thing in favor of a calming cup of tea.

Okay, maybe I’m not that bad. But even if I was–or if you are–Lilluxe offers the perfect antidote.

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Why? Because everything on it is a) seriously cool (see the KidKraft Harley-Davidson over there?), and b) an amazing deal (on Lilluxe, that rocker is $50 less than what you’d find at the store). So it’s pretty much worry-free.

format is familiar: become a member (it’s free), and get access to
daily deals on premium products and brands that change daily, including Sonia Rykiel, B
Amici, Chronicle Books, Kids Republic, and many more. Take a look at the
Lilluxe blog to see some of the site’s past deals–they’re usually 50% off of things I would want anyway.
fact, I just clicked over there to pull some images for this post, and
ended up with a Tepper Jackson carryall for $42, down from $98. So yes,
Lilluxe can be overwhelming. Overwhelming with awesomeness. -Lexi

Become a member of Lilluxe
and get your hands on designer deals. Oh, and check out these bonuses:
refer a friend and get $15; enjoy free shipping through December 25; and
get an extra 20% off if you “like” on Facebook.

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