Shirin NYC scarves for kids
We call my oldest daughter a mini version of her beloved aunt, my sister. And it’s no surprise that my sister’s “mini me” would love her style as well, like her penchant for soft scarves thrown around her neck as soon as the temperature dips.

But my oldest’s warm fluffy knit scarves are much too outdoorsy to wear indoors or to pass as a fashion scarf. And most of the “fashionable” scarves I’ve seen for girls are covered in too much scratchy glitter or fringe to feel comfortable on my oldest’s super-sensitive skin.

Shirin NYC, a favorite of ours for their unique handscreened artistic prints on eco-friendly clothing, now has a duo of scarves that not only come in a size just for me, they’ve got one sized-down especially for a growing-up tween.

The Glittery Holiday Scarf keeps any sparkle to the front panel which features delicate little pussy willow branches that gently glint in the light. The Metallic Bird in Frame Scarf has a little bird picture in metallic bronze on a lighter oatmeal-heather color. And the creamy softness comes from a combination of soft silk and lyocell, an eco-friendly fiber. When I say my daughter is sensitive to clothing, that is putting it mildly, but when she tried on the sample Shirin sent us, she was hooked at the first wearing.

Since both scarves are light and warm, but not stifling, they can be comfortably worn indoors or as a lighter scarf under a coat to head outside.

NYC artist Shirin Roubeni’s designs are individually hand-screened so don’t be surprised that the price is higher than what you’ll find at your local mall store. But given how much wear this scarf has gotten in our home already this season, I think this is the perfect gift–say from a beloved, fashion-muse aunt to her very special niece. –Christina

Both the Glittery Holiday Scarf and the Metallic Bird in Frame Scarf for Kids are available at Shirin NYC. And, mamas, get out your wish list:  The two scarves are made in longer, adult sizes too.

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