the puppy sister
Those of us who grew up on author S.E. Hinton’s books like The Outsiders, Tex, and Rumble Fish, might be interested to know that she’s got a new book out for the next generation. Actually, a graphic novel. And if you have a middle grade reader who’s reluctant to start books without pictures, this one’s for you.

Plenty of kids want a puppy for Christmas–mine included. But in The Puppy Sister,
Nick would much rather have a real sister to play with. Luckily, his
new puppy hears his wish on Christmas day, and the strangest–and
sweetest– sibling relationship ever begins.

Using colorful, action-filled drawings and comic book-style text that
will appeal to boys and girls alike, this charming graphic novel updates the original The Puppy Sister book from 1997, illustrating a
one-of-a-kind fairy tale about what happens when puppy Aleasha’s wish to
be a real girl comes true.

A quick read rife with humor and
heartwarming moments, The Puppy Sister would make a great gift for
siblings going through growing pains or big boys who no longer want a
little sister to shadow their every move. Give this one to your son and Ladybug Girl his sister for a great pair of sibling-sensitive books for that long holiday car ride.

I’ll admit, The Puppy Sister
got me to squeak out a tear. After all, brothers and sisters may no’t
always get along, but at least sisters don’t chew on action figures.~Delilah

Purchase The Puppy Sister by S.E. Hinton from our affiliate, Amazon– or snag a copy from your local indie bookstore.


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