reusable wine bagWe’re now formally in the “handing-someone-a-bottle-of wine” season, and while most of us can simply stick a bow on it and pass it on, there are times when that bottle needs a little more oomph than a plain brown paper bag or a crinkled sheet of tissue paper.

The Wine OH (get it?) is a substantial,
reusable gift bag, part of the Love Reusable Bags line and it’s very cute.  They offer a
number of options: Bag the wine for your brother-in-law in the businessy Cosmic Stripes, or tuck some sparkling (nonalcoholic)
cider in a cheery plaid bag you bring to that family-friendly New
Year’s Eve.

As for me, just  bring me champagne in my fave, the one with the hip
graffiti vibe.

Each bag retails for $6.95, which will substantially dress up the mid-line bottles I tend to present to my patient hostesses. – Barbara

Find these reusable, eco-friendly Wine OH wine bags from Love Reusable Bags