Romero Britto coloring bookMy daughter’s first finger paintings brought tears to my eyes. “My God, she’s talented!” I told my husband. I knew I was being that stereotypical overly proud parent, but her use of color was so unexpected. Really!

There is something so fresh and spontaneous about kids’ artwork and that is why I like P’kolino’s new collection of arts and crafts supplies inspired by the amazing pop artist, Romero Britto. (He’s done an Absolut ad!) In fact, he might be the Keith Haring of our kids’ generation.

This collaboration, aimed at inspiring kids to create art, speaks to
Romero’s belief–and mine too–that art should be accessible and
available to everyone. kids' art supplies - triangle crayonsThere’s a whole line of Britto art supplies including poster paints, finger paints, and triangular crayons. But the center of the collection is a Britto-designed coloring book, Color Like an Artist.

It’s like an art class playfully disguised as a coloring book with his quirky shapes and whimsical animals just begging to be colored. And with tips from the Romero Britto himself, who knows…. Maybe my daughter’s
artwork will one day hang on more walls than just her parents’. –Elizabeth

The new Romero Britto art supplies and Color Like an Artist coloring book make great holiday gifts! Find them at P’kolino.