Since we’re all about shopping online here, we’re also about ways to make online shopping easier. And more affordable. And more fun. We’ve been eagerly following Rightcliq by Visa in the last few months since their launch and it seems it’s a dandy little tool for doing all of the above.

Now that Rightcliq is a CMP sponsor (yay Rightcliq!) I took some time time to create a Wishspace and it was so cool, I thought I’d show you how it works.

Also, maybe one of you will get me that Prada cruise collection leather bag at Bergdorf’s. Heh.

Rightcliq by Visa

Basically, this is a site that stores the things I want to buy, all in one place, from Etsy items to big-ticket department store purchases. It’s super easy to do; just download the add-on for your browser, and then when you see an item you like, click the Rightcliq icon that’s been installed, and add it, the same way you might use a social bookmarking site like Stumble Upon or Delicious.

It doesn’t grab flash images (I tried to download a Ferrari, just for fun) but you can save the item without the image and it still grabs the price info and URL, and gives you room to make notes.

I also really love the idea of getting opinions on stuff you’re coveting. Like if you want the 411 on a pair of shoes, you can shout it
out on Twitter like I do, or share through Facebook or private email. (The email they send on your behalf is actually pretty witty.) You can also bundle items, so you can send your sigOth the 8 different necklaces you’re coveting for Christmas, keeping that separate from the 10 books your kid has requested.

But really Rightcliq is not just for wishing; it’s for shopping. And that gets easier with saved credit card info and checkout preferences, along with special offers that pop up when you’re on the site. It’s very secure by the way–as you might expect from Visa.

I’m pretty psyched to have gotten my own account going–I know it’s going to be a fun, easy way for me to store info and I love the graphic interface, which the social bookmarking sites tend to lack.

Besides, now my kids might actually get something they need this holiday instead of another 47 stuffed animals from a certain family member. One can dream, right? –Liz

Visit our sponsor Rightcliq by Visa and get your Wishspace started to organize your last-minute holiday shopping. You can also follow them on Twitter @RightcliqByVisa, or like them on Facebook for updates on great deals around the web.

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