New Maclaren strollers - 2011 previewWhen Maclaren invited me to their NYC showroom to get a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2011, this was one preview I was not going to miss.
From fun and flashy stroller shades to cool new buggy blankets, Maclaren has loads of goodies I’m super-excited about.

And if you’re in the market for some new gear or an upgrade, it’s great to know what’s coming around the corner so you can decide whether to hold off a few months on that big purchase.

Here’s the lowdown on my faves:

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The Volo,
Maclaren’s lightest (8.8lbs) umbrella stroller will be rolling down the
sidewalks in two vibrant new shades: Deep Water (a brilliant blue) and
Carmine Rose (a sugary sweet pink). The Volo is also getting a slight
makeover, with spiffy new argyle graphics on the leg and hoods to match
the color of the strollers, rather than the white shade they now come

The Quest (12.1
lbs) has an improved leg extender to make cruising comfier for the
little ones. It will also be available in three new shades: Deep Water,
Carmine Rose and Denim (of which I am a proud owner).

Since I’m on the market for a new stroller for my impending arrival in the spring, I’ve got my eye on the The Techno XLR (16.5lbs), one of Maclaren’s “from birth” strollers. I’m loving their new shade, Persian Red, a candy apple color (pictured above).

Buggy Blankets: These are going on my new baby gift list! Maclaren has
managed to make the baby blanket a designer must-have. One side is a
colorful cityscape of either Hong Kong, Paris, NYC or London, while the
other side features an iconic image from its respective city (ie the
Statue of Liberty). They also make for great play mats. Love!

Wish List Item
Heart Glider and matching ottoman are the newest additions to the
Maclaren Nursery collection. They’re plush and beautiful with all of the
mechanisms smartly–and safely–hidden. The clean, modern design by
acclaimed kids furniture designer David Netto, will perfectly transition out of the nursery and into the
adult rooms. At $1,100 and $400 respectively, this set is going on my
wish list for sure. –Melissa

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