Mama Said Nog You Out
While I’m finishing up my wrapping/baking/eggnogging extravaganza I’m going to enjoy some great new holiday tunes. If you’re tired of the same old same old, you can too. 

As a little holiday gift to you, two downloadable EP’s have been released in the nick of time (pun intended) from one of our favorite retailers, and from one of our favorite kindie bands. Best of all? They are both totally free and totally awesome.

{We have a cool giveaway for all you vinyl lovers after the jump}

Target's The Christmas Gig 2010
Target’s brand new Christmas Gig 2010 downloadable album is a super-cool blend of eclectic Christmas music. Indie music lovers will rejoice with fun little ditties from bands like Guster and Bishop Allen.

And for something totally different from the 1001 playing of Jingle Bell Rock, you’ve got to check out the danceable Electronic Santa by Blazer Force and the rap/hip-hop Toy Jackpot from Blackalicious.

Winning my unofficial contest for Best Holiday Album Title I’ve Ever Heard: Mama Said Nog You Out (above) from CMP favorites, The Jimmies, is as much fun as eating candy canes while throwing tinsel at the Christmas tree. Kicking off with the deliciously naughty Nothin’ for Christmas, The Jimmies’ Ashley Albert and her bandmates sound like they are having a blast during this five-song EP.

Make sure to download it by Christmas Day. Like Santa, this won’t be around after the 25th. –Christina

Congratulations to our four winners who received a copy of Christmas Gig 2010: Jill W., Eric S., Amy H. and Alice H. Enjoy it, guys!

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