I love making quilts. Well… quilt. I made one quilt. The job, the kids, life in general, and time in particular have since conspired against me. 

So Quilt Creator is a dream realized. It’s the chance to be a quilter extraordinaire–without having to sew a stitch.

Essentially you can design your own baby quilt or full-size bedspread at Quilt Creator in a variety of fabulous layouts and beautiful colors. 

fabrics–there are more than 150 of them, each 100% natural cotton–are
gorgeous vintage-inspired prints and patterns, grouped together in
themes like Noir or Spring Bouquet. You simply drag the color you want
into the space on the quilt you want it. There are all sorts of fun
options, too, like adding a monogram.
When you’re done with your design, it’s whisked off to a quiltmaster who sews it to order. By hand. Serious wow.
when you find out that an infant quilt starts at just $129.99. It’s the
perfect very special baby gift.
takes about six weeks for your work of art to be crafted and delivered.What a great way to start off a New Year, right? It’s a present that comes from your heart–if not by your own hand. -Lexi

Design your own quilt at Quilt Creator for a lovely holiday present. Plus: order by Christmas and get two free shams!