Olliegraphic personalized chore chart
The chore chart that has worked the best for my family so far been a (not-so-pretty) laminated list with my kids’ pictures that I made myself. But even then, I can’t really add or change jobs unless I make a whole new chart, which made them obsolete a few months ago.

But now my kids are back to working hard for their money, since discovering personalized printable chore charts from one of our favorite designers Olliegraphic.


Artist Meg Bartholomy will create a cute, totally personalized chore chart based on your kiddo’s
likeness; just pick the features that best fit them and she’ll whip it
up into an easy-to-print pdf. Even better, though, is that the chart
allows you to write in their chores each week, with plenty of room for
gold stars, smiley face stickers, or, as they get older, $ signs.  -Kristen

Order the personalized, printable chore chart from the Olliegraphic Etsy shop.

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