Girls' capelet by Patouche
My daughter is a bit of a choosy dresser. To say the least. If I’m being perfectly honest, it takes at least half an hour to get her ready every morning and she balks–nay, tantrums for an hour–if anything she’s wearing is even slightly unacceptable. You know, like if it’s anything but that gaudy, sparkly, too-small tank top her Nana gave her.

Given her pickiness, her temper, and her penchant for wearing summer clothes in the middle of a Canadian winter, you can imagine my relief when I pulled out the stunning capelet sample from Patouche and she asked me to put it on her right away. Phew.

With the beautiful red wool draped over her shoulders, she looks
like something out of a fairy tale as she prances about proudly. And
since it’s perfect over top of just about anything (including tank tops)
she’s finally stopped complaining all the time about being cold.
Absolutely perfect.

And I am just as in love with the clothes from Patouche as she
is. This mama-created clothing line is handmade in Canada with most
items designed to grow with your child–big armholes allow dresses to
become shirts, pants have elasticized waistbands and are cut to be
roomy so they’ll last for years. Plus, every item is
take-your-breath-away gorgeous, from the Petite Souris Bonnet down to the (on sale!) Baby Booties.

So gorgeous, in fact, that I’m getting distracted from my
writing because I keep going back to look at things in the shop and
imagine how cute they would be on my kids. –Stephanie

Find beautiful designer clothing for babies and kids online at Patouche

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