Wee urban organic sleep sacks
Based on the color offerings of most sleep sacks out there, I’m left to believe that manufacturers think bright colors will somehow keep babies awake at night. What’s with all the pastels?

Well, that’s exactly how mom Holly MacLean felt when she decided to launch the charming Wee Urban.

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This line of bright, modern baby sleep sacks
are simply gorgeous. Made from soft organic cotton and bamboo and
featuring original artwork screen printed in water based inks, they feel
like your baby is wrapped up in your favorite cozy sweatshirt.

as functional as they are beautiful, with hearty snap closures and a
double zipper to make getting baby in and out a cinch. And unlike poly
fleece which can often be a bit heavy for those of us with milder
winters, the cotton and bamboo are super breathable but still warm –
making the sleep sack a year-long fixture rather than a seasonal
investment – something my wallet definitely appreciates. -Kristen

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Congratulations to Adriane L., our lucky winner of a Wee Urban sleep sack!

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