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Not surprisingly, one of the biggest New Year’s resolutions for all kinds of folks is getting organized. But for moms, we’d imagine it’s the biggest of all. (Even us, we admit it!) Can you ever be too organized? So we’re thrilled to be working with, a cool family management site that we discovered last year, that really helps make a mama’s life easier by storing all your family’s important info in one safe, accessible place.

Did we mention safe?

In this newfangled online world, there are actually a ton of easy, affordable ways we’ve discovered that technology can get your life working better and keep you sane, maybe even save you a few brain cells. And don’t worry, when we say easy, we mean it.

Here are just three our favorite organizational tech tips for moms:

Sync your schedules

It kind of makes us crazy that moms tend to be the KEEPERS OF ALL SCHEDULES in our families, especially when the info is only in our own heads. It’s a huge relief to be able to share and sync schedules with your spouses, your caregivers, even your older kids.

If you don’t use Google Mail, go now and sign up for a free account, if only for the fantastic Google Calendar feature. It even pings your phone with important upcoming appointments which can be a real lifesaver. Just enter
them in, click save, and it seriously does everything else for you.

Use the cloud

of storing everything on your home computer, the cloud (i.e. the internet) can
really help streamline your life while giving you access to your stuff from
anywhere. It’s kind of nice to be able to pull up photos of the kids at the grandparents’ house, without having to lug a laptop around, and to know your info is backed up if your toddler drops your laptop in the bathtub. (It could happen!)

In fact, you’re probably already using it, if you’re on sites like Flickr for photo storage and
sharing. And what we’ve really like about is that you can manage your family life from one location that’s got serious, heavy duty, bank-level security. Store everything from health records, scans of the kids’ artwork, household
information, and emergency info for caregivers, all of which you can access and update from anywhere.
Like if you need a social security number at the doctor’s office? Grab it from your smart phone.

And it looks nice and pretty, too. No corporate spreadsheets.

About One

Apps, apps, and more apps

You’ll find no shortage of entertaining apps *coughAngryBirdscough* but
there’s an equal amount of organization applications too that can help a mama out, many of which
we’ve featured on this site. Apps like TeuxDeux, a smart online platform for making to-do lists, or Intuition,
which is billed as “mom’s personal assistant”( and for good reason) help turn
your phone into a mini-office. If you haven’t poked around the brand new Apple App Store, there are tons of ideas there. Have fun!

The best part is that you’re probably using one or more of these things
already. With simple tweaks you could be more productive, saving yourself time and energy–which, frankly, we’d rather put towards our kids any day. -Kristen + Liz

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