Papertoy MonstersWe’re installing a hook-and-eye on my daughter’s closet today because she’s desperately convinced that the Gremlins live in there and come out to mess up her room each night. I don’t buy it. But here’s a book of monsters that I’m pretty sure she’ll welcome into our home, even if they cause paper cuts.

The Papertoy Monsters book
from Workman Press and edgy graphic designer Brian Castleforte brings
together the world’s best designers and illustrators to deliver
an adorable collection of make-it-yourself monsters.

From Yucky Chuck to
Zumbie the Zombie, there are fifty unique, die-cut monsters for you to
pop out, fold, and glue. And love, since each has his or her own

These projects seem ill-suited to
fumble-finger eager beaver preschoolers, so keep this one for ages 8 or 9
and up, or of course you can do it alongside your kiddo and delegate the simpler tasks. Judging by the Monster High aisle at Target and the
proliferation of Uglydolls, this anime-meets-Pokemon crew of critters
is sure to be a hit. And a good way to keep big kids busy, building
their own monster armies to fight the Gremlins. –Delilah

Papertoy Monsters is available at our affiliate, Amazon.