My Own Little Story baby bookMy first daughter’s baby book is a masterpiece of elaborate
details, funny stories and photos.

But my second
child’s baby book? Almost empty.

 Every time I open it, I’m
overwhelmed by all those blank pages and I’m struck with such intense guilt
that I invent an excuse that I’m too busy (or maybe I am) and put it down. I know I’m not alone here.

My Own Little Story (love the name!) is exactly what I need.
This website was designed to make recording all the details and memories easy
and fast. Seriously, you can create a baby book in just 5-10 minutes every other week.

Each book consists of templates for each month. Just
click the link, answer a few questions and you’re done. And, if you’re like me
and you’re answering questions for months that have past, the
questions will help jog your memory. You can also choose custom pages any time you want to
add more details, and photos can be added to every page. Baby books from My Own Little Story

The most special part about My Own Little Story are the
free reminder e-mails they send with a brief description of milestones that your
baby may be approaching. If you want to be reminded again, just press the
“snooze” button and they’ll ping you again the next week.

The service is free but you’ll pay for the book itself, which happens to be beautiful with high quality photos and classic original
water color illustrations. But, best of all? My
baby book will soon be done! –Elizabeth

Create your own custom baby book at My Own Little Story.