Bump It Up author Amy Tara Koch
I only had one pregnancy that required winter clothes and boy, was that a challenge. Pants never seemed to fit me and sweaters always made me hot, so I found myself wearing the same few outfits over and over again.

Too bad I didn’t have author and style expert Amy Tara Koch’s book Bump It Up back then.

The book is chock full of amazing maternity style tips plus advice from some of the world’s most famous fashion designers and stylists. It’s definitely a must-have manual for any pregnant chica, regardless of what number kid you’re on.

I recently had the chance to pick Amy’s brain about winter pregnancy style, and here are a slew of fantastic tips just for you, our gorgeous, pregnant Cool Mom Picks readers.

Q: Winter can be a tough season as a preggo – can you give one simple maternity style tip for moms-to-be in each trimester?

A: First trimester: Think Camouflage clothing! Wear a flowy-on-top tunic, A-line dress, or a shift dress-to mask your pre-bump bloat.

Bashful bump maternity bodysuit
Second trimester: Use accessories to create verticality and elongate the silhouette–heels (if you can handle them), long silky scarves, and neck grazing earrings. Accessories help bring attention to body parts that you like and detract from those you’re not so fond of.

Third trimester: Have a few flattering but fade-into-the-woodwork basics to rotate day in and out. A black long lycra tank (right), pregnancy jeans, and black leggings just to name a few should be your lean, mean staples that can be dressed up or down.

Q: Maternity coats – Yes or No?

A: I don’t think specific maternity coats are required. Most coats are not form fitting and can accommodate extra girth. If not, try a deconstructed coat without a closure that can hang open or be belted above or below the bump. At this time of the year, spring clothing is coming in so you can even buy a “civilian” coat on the cheap, in a size larger than you would normally wear. This will fit now and can be worn later with the help of a good tailor.

Q: Unless you’re pregnant in Hawaii, you’re going to have to buy heavier clothes, which can end up costing more. Tell us where you think you can get away with skimping and where you should spend the extra bucks when it comes to your cold weather maternity wardrobe.

Organic Cotton Sweater Coat
A: Well, you do need to dress for the cold, but the trick to looking great and not spending your hard-earned cash on garments with a 9 month lifespan, is skillful layering.

My Bump it Up formula: Invest in a few multi-tasking maternity must haves: the long lycra tank, the little black dress, jeans, pencil skirt and leggings that can all be rotated with groovifying layering pieces. Then purchase add-ons, like cardi-coats (left) or boyfriend blazers, which

Bump It Up by Amy Tara Koch
should not be maternity specific. My rule is to invest in things that have fashion longevity; classics that will add cache to your wardrobe for years to come.

Then you can hit places like H&M, ZARA, and Top Shop for trendy, budget-friendly accents like layered necklaces, statement earrings, animal print belts and your oversized neon tote bag.

For more great tips from Amy Tara Koch check out the Bump It Up Style website and grab her awesome book Bump It Up at our affiliate Amazon.com

[Photos: Bashful Bump maternity bodysuit; organic sweater coat]

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