Babyproofing - Kid-E outlet covers
I know all about baby proofing, considering my toddler is absolutely fascinated by electrical outlets. For some reason, the combination of the right height plus holes you can poke your fingers into equals a good time. Whee!

Luckily, there’s a new outlet cover in town and this one is impossible for curious hands to pry off–but a cinch for parents when they have to actually use the outlet.

were designed by a dad who designs car parts for the automotive industry, and realized he could build a better electrical outlet cover that covers the entire thing and not just the holes. You just pull one of the two tabs on the side to expose the outlet and plug in your device — easy enough for an adult. But I tested it with my two kids, a one year-old and three year-old, and neither were able to pull the tabs long enough to touch the outlet. 

They’re currently on sale for $15 for a set of 5. Get them for the couple of places you really fear those little fingers.

While traditional outlet plugs are very cheap, and very easy to use, they’re also very
easy to forget to put back on after you quickly vacuum the house, for
instance, and then something distracts you. Oops. Besides, I’ve seen my toddler attempt to pry them out. Will she crack the code? I’d rather not wait to find out. –Elizabeth

Find out more about the Kid-E-Cover outlet covers for baby proofing, now on sale at Elicole.


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