While I’ve never taken my husband to task for only buying three lemons instead of the dozen I requested (“Who asks for a dozen lemons anyway?”), I have to confess that I avoid sending him to the grocery store because…well, whatever he gets is usually wrong.

So when I saw this reusable grocery bag
from CMP fave Twisted Twee, I felt like it was made just for me. Or
actually, just for my husband. Hand printed on washable cotton,
“Whatever I get, it will be wrong” is absolutely right.

I think
I’ll buy it and stash it in his car. Then I’ll call to ask him to pick
up a gallon of milk on his way home and point him to his new bag.
Hopefully he’ll be laughing too hard to pick up the usual impulse buys
that drive me crazy. -Julie

Find hilarious reusable grocery bags at Twisted Twee.