BOB Stroller SE Revolution jogging stroller
There’s a running store on my block with a BOB stroller displayed in the window. Every time I pass it, I marvel at the lean, mean, baby-transporting machine. So when I had the opportunity to give their new 2011 Revolution SE a road test, I was both excited–and a little nervous that I wouldn’t be able to handle the three-wheeled speedster. What I discovered surprised me.

First, BOB jogging strollers are not just for marathon running moms. Yes, their line does include special strollers made in collaboration with Stroller Strides and Ironman, but I chose the sidewalk-friendly Revolution SE.

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My stroller arrived the day after another massive snowstorm. I
had just been lamenting the fact that all of my umbrella strollers were
too wimpy to take on the slushy, monstrous mounds of snow on every
Brooklyn corner. As I watched my husband snap on the 16″ tires, I knew my winter
was about to become easier to manage.

One big disappointment
straight out of the box is that BOB strollers do not come with a rain
guard, which was a little shocking, considering every other stroller
I’ve ever bought always throws in the plastic covering. You can buy the weather shield separately, and a snap-on snack
tray and car seat adapter are other options, not included with the

After a relatively seamless assembly by my husband (I
probably could have done it, but being 6 months pregnant, I opted to
watch), I was ready to take the BOB Revolution SE for a test drive. My 2 year old’s eyes
widened when he saw the ride he was about to take. We easily strapped
him into their new 5-point harness system. Although the weight capacity
is an impressive 70 lbs, my son, who’s on the tall side, did look a
little cramped in the seat. 

You can use it starting at birth with a car seat adapter, otherwise it’s for babies 8 weeks and older, but any real running or
jogging should be reserved for babies older than 8 months.

BOB stroller SE revolution
Once we were
out on the sidewalk, I was blown away by how smoothly — and quickly — the
Revolution SE rolled. Their “state-of-the-art” suspension system
coupled with the major wheels made for one quick ride to the grocery
store. We easily ran over snow, slush and lost mittens. My son and I won
every stroller standoff we faced on the narrow pathways.

Storage of the BOB is also a cinch with their
two-step fold system. The wheels pop off to make the stroller even
easier to store. All in all, I give this stroller the thumbs up for
active moms hoping to own the sidewalks.  –Melissa

Find the The Revolution SE for $429 from BOB Stroller . Find a retailer near you here. Thanks to BOB for providing a stroller for review.

Congratulations to our super, duper lucky winner of a BOB stroller, Ryland H. Yay! 

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