mabels labels loot bag packsI love throwing birthday parties for my kids. Love it. But I’m a bit of an over-achiever when it comes to loot bags, generally insisting that there should be something handmade -or at least really, really cool- inside. And that means I spend precious hours (that I don’t really have available) making something or hunting for it. Not this year.

Thank goodness my kids decided to hold off on winter birthday
parties in favor of spring because I just discovered the best loot bag
item around. CMP fave, Mabel’s Labels has a great new Loot Bag Combo that’s going to make my life about a thousand times easier.

Inspired by all the celebrity fans of Mabel’s Labels who like to
give out personalized labels for Awesome party favorseach guest at their kids’ parties, this new item makes it simple
for the rest of us to do it, too. Each little sampler pack comes with
five Sticky Labels and one great Bag Tag, totally customized with each
child’s name and a fun icon.

With a minimum order of just six combos, your party doesn’t have
to be celebrity-sized to make this cool loot bag a possibility. And
since you choose exactly what goes on each combo, just think of how
happy you’re going to make all the little Graysons and Stellas at the
celebration. -Stephanie

Find the new Loot Bag Combo pack of personalized labels for kids at Mabel’s Labels