Happy Flowers wall decals by Wall Candy Arts
I have one word for this time of year and it’s not nice. Stores are featuring spring clothes and outdoor toys, but outside my front door there are still the last vestiges of frozen snow, and I’m sure it’s not the last of it for the season.

So, for now, I’m going to do what any sane, design-centric gal will do when she’s hit with a bad case of spring fever. Redecorate! Sort of.

You can add a few sunny touches to your playroom or children’s room with the new wall decals from Wallcandy Arts.

The removable Happy Flowers wall decals are so perfect for my daughter’s room, it’s like the designers read my mind.

With hot pink, orange, bright yellow and bold green, these bold,
over-sized flowers are primed to take on whatever Seasonal Affective Disorder is casting a shadow over your head right now. Especially if your head isn’t that high off the ground; the flowers are up to 40-inches tall. –Elizabeth

Shop the new Happy Flower Wall Stickers at wallcandy arts.

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