These days, I’m lucky if I remember to get gifts in time at all these days, let alone have the wrapping paper on hand to wrap them up. But with an unbelievable number of birthday parties and special events crammed in my calendar, I’m determined to be prepared. And I’ve probably got the best excuse ever to do it: the gorgeous, artist-designed gift wrap found, of all places, on

[edited to add: This campaign is now over, but you can support the American Cancer Society’s excellent work through their website,]

Imagine, you can celebrate all the special birthdays in your life, all while potentially helping someone else reach another one of theirs.

We loved the American Cancer Society’s personalized celebrity video birthday greetings from all sorts of superstar musicians, and we’re equally as enthralled with their gallery of inspiring artwork from artists like Julia Rothman and Eric Carle, and the wonderful stories behind each piece. It’s delightful seeing what “more birthdays” means to each of them. (From the Kai and Sunny design team: “More adventures, more experiences, more knowledge, more surfing.”)

More Birthdays Wrapping Paper More Birthdays Wrapping Paper
Eric Carle More Birthdays Wrapping Paper

If you love the rendering too much to use it once as gift wrap, the good news is each design is also available as a reasonably-priced limited edition print or poster.

The best part of course, is that all the proceeds from all the art and wrapping paper go to support the American Cancer Society’s noble cause, which is dear to our own hearts.

We’ve always been huge fans of gifts that give back at Cool Mom Picks; even more so when they’re wrapped in something that gives back too.

We’re so pleased to be working with our sponsor, the American Cancer Society, to help spread the word about their truly awesome website To purchase artwork or wrapping paper, visit And have a look around at the site. It’s fantastic!