robot pillowsAs a mom of two girls, I haven’t had the pleasure of exploring any of the typical themes for boys’ bedrooms, like cars, boats, fish and monsters and I’m fine with that. However, robots, at least in my mind, are cool for anyone.

I am all over these Robot Pillows
by Little Korboose.

These quirky dudes are drawn with a big smile and a big heart.
Literally. I love the playful, imperfect lines and bright colors.

Made from lightweight cotton and linen canvas, they’re sturdy enough for all your rambunctious kid’s crazy antics. Buy a robot family and display them on a shelf or nursery chair.
And then, of course, they’ll be your kid’s favorite toys so they’ll be
all over his floor. And that’s okay too. –Elizabeth

Find the Robot Pillows at Little Korboose‘s Etsy Shop.