KRISTEN: Back in early 2006, a few months after I started blogging, I thought it might be fun to start another blog that highlighted the cool, handmade goodies I found so many online moms making and selling to help keep their households afloat. It’ll be cheeky! And fun to read! And it’ll save moms time! And it’s called ‘Cool Mom Sh*t, I said in an email to a few of my newfound online friends and writers I admired.

Liz emailed me back with a few ideas for the blog and asked if I wanted a partner. Then she told me to change the name.

And that’s how Cool Mom Picks was born.

My first post was as sloppy as it was heartfelt and authentic, and it went live 5 years ago today. There were no thoughts of sponsors. Or Real Simple. Or appearances on NBC’s Today Show. To us, it was just a fun little diversion, and a way to help make moms’ lives a little easier and a little more fabulous.

Wonderfully enough, it’s still all of those things.

LIZ: I still remember telling a professional colleague about this blog we were going to start. I explained how much I adored my partner and how much fun it would be. His response: What are you crazy? You haven’t even met her yet! Why would you do that? Are you getting paid for it?

My response: Um…no? I just think it sounds fun.

It’s been a crazy wonderful journey, and I’d be hard-pressed to name the best part. I love getting to know so many incredible artists and small business owners. I love walking the aisles of trade shows and sneak peaks at so many beautiful things that will make parents happy. I love that we opened comments on posts and started a Facebook Page and a Twitter Account to give voice (and sometimes face!) to our incredible community of readers. But most of all, I’ve loved working with the most wonderful partner, and the most dedicated, thoughtful, talented team of contributors that anyone could ask for. We couldn’t do it without them.

SO…On this, our fifth birthday, and our 4000-something post (holy…!) we wanted nothing more than to celebrate you. The amazing readers who make this all so fun for us every day.

And what’s a birthday celebration without goody bags?

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That’s why we’ve put together a week’s worth of phenomenal ones, filled with some of our favorite things–with a hat tip to La Oprah. No, no Lexuses; we’ll save that for when we turn ten. (Ha.) But you will find a whole lot of the coolest products for moms and kids, generously donated by some of our favorite picks over these years. It’s our way–and theirs–of saying thanks to all of you.


Every day this week, we’ll be giving away five (FIVE!) goody bags to each of five lucky readers. That’s 25 bags. And 25 winners. And you can enter one time each day through Sunday.

We are so excited about our very first goody bag. Because it just so happens to be a gorgeous Baby Kaed Jacey bag, filled with:

1. A hand-knit BlaBlaKids Boogaloo doll
2. A Little Alouette handmade wooden teether
3. A $50 Gift Card towards Julian & Co keepsake jewelry
4. A Cool Mom Picks exclusive gift pack of essentials from the MD Moms and

Congratulations to our five lucky winners: Crystal G., Amy M., Caroline L., Deborah B. and Ashely L. Enjoy your new goodies!Β