Now that my nineteen month old has officially reached the dreaded “dropsy stage,” I try to attach everything I can to her stroller and high chair, from her sippy cup to her toys. So, when I found the MoMA Shapes and Colors Stroller Cards, I was intrigued.

Five cards, each in a different shape, feature bold, contemporary photos one one side and an interesting texture on the other. Think: a photo of a heart-shaped cookie backed by a sticky
heart on the other side. I love that they’re not only educational, but very well designed. Not that I would expect anything less from NY’s Museum of Modern Art.

It turns out my three-year-old finds these MoMA stroller cards intriguing, too, because
she and my 19 month-old are vying for them. Attach
the cards to a stroller, car seat or diaper bag and you’ll always have
something to keep them both interested. –Elizabeth

Find the MoMA Shapes and Colors Stroller Cards from our affiliate Amazon, or 


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