Lunch Money Original Friend
Along with standing and getting out of diapers, one of my favorite so-called “developmental milestones” was when my kids grabbed another’s pudgy little hand and declared this person their “fwend.”

Capturing these moments of first love makes Lunch Money’s newest kindie-pop release so poignantly perfect for all kids who are just discovering the joys, and sometimes heartache, of friendship.

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The follow up to one of my all-time favorites Dizzy, Lunch Money’s Original Friend makes me yearn for the days when my friends were just a bike ride away. Lead singer/songwriter Molly Ledford has crafted a dozen songs about these first loves of our lives, with lyrics that ring true no matter what your age.

And we’re not just talking about the fun parts of friendship: Her words help make sense of some of the more confusing aspects too. In the lead song, Friends Again, a minute-long, organ-backed ode is filled with relief over a saved friendship with straight-to-the-heart lyrics like . . .my dog only wants to walk to your house. And the songs Please Don’t Move (to Another Time Zone) and Picking Teams capture the angst kids feel when things don’t go the way they want.

But, this is no melancholy CD; Lunch Money is upbeat throughout with Molly’s smiling voice and clever lyrics leading the way in songs like Snow Globe that will make even the most weary of us in snow country hope for just one more flurry.
Not surprisingly, a CD about friends includes them too, and I was thrilled with who they invited to the playdate. Secret Agent 23 Skidoo’s rap helps make Come Over to My Dollhouse anything but a girlie tune. Frances England’s lighter-than-air voice is a perfect addition to the wistful You and Me and a Bottle of Bubbles. Even Dean Jones gets into the action by lending a carnival feel to Getaway Car with his trombone and flute. 

Like a special added present, the artwork of CMP favorite Brandon Reese is throughout the liner notes and adorable lyric booklet that you’ll want to devour along with the CD. Consider this a gift from a friend. –Christina

Grab your own copy of Lunch Money’s Original Friend from their website, or at our affiliate Amazon.

Congratulations to our winner Jill R.! Enjoy! 

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