childrens bookplatesThere’s something so precious about that pride of ownership that comes with one’s very own storybook, clearly marked with one’s very own personalized bookplate. I remember having fond memories of my own bookplates, and I’m so excited for my children to have their own.

It’s been a while since I checked in to see what’s new at Oiseaux,
who we first featured in a back-to-school shopping guide. And what’s
new is what’s old. Their gorgeously illustrated bookplates from vintage storybook illustrations can all be customized
with a name, and range from 1920s jungle creatures to a vintage castle for your favorite fairy-tale fan. If you can’t choose among them, pick the blank bookplate assortment and let the recipient fill out his or her own name.

With all due respect to the digital iPad stories that my kids love, these bookplates remind me of everything I love about real books.  –Liz

Find personalized vintage bookplates online at Oiseaux

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