Sole Society monthly club for shoes
Imagine a club where you receive a brand new pair of shoes hand-picked just for you, every single month. And at a killer sale price too.

Dream no more. The people behind the private sample sale site HauteLook just launched a site to do that very thing.

Through Sole Society,
$49.95 a month gets you a new pair of flats, wedges, sandals or
platforms delivered to your doorstep every month. Here’s how it works:
You take a personal style quiz so the folks at Sole Society can
determine your “Style Bio” and curate your virtual shoe closet. Then
each month, you take a peek to see what the stylists have chosen for
you. You can chose a pair they’ve selected, browse for others or skip
the month–and that month’s fee–entirely.

From the short video I
saw on the site, the shoes looked like styles I’d actually wear, as
opposed to cheap and cheesy selections you might expect from a $49.95 a
month club. And shipping is always free.

I can imagine worse
things than getting a special delivery of a hot new pair of shoes at the
end of a busy day of working and wiping tushies. –Melissa

To join HauteLook, feel free to use our invitation link. Enjoy!

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