DIY Spring Break activities for kidsSpring break is on its way, and I’m making plans. But my spring break plans don’t involve beaches, bikinis, or beer. Instead, I’m looking for ways to keep my kids busy. (Besides cleaning the bathroom, my standard fallback response to the cry of boredom.)

If you’re in my same boat, crafty DIY site has a cool solution.

The inaugural issue of the Action Pack Mini-Mag
is all about paper and beeswax, with instructions for making origami
boats (dipped in beeswax so they really float), beeswax candles and lip
balm with printable labels, plus how-to steps for drawing bees, and some
kid-friendly recipes using honey. Of course, some activities will
require a little adult supervision, but for the most part this is cool
stuff that kids over six can do themselves.

Download the 22-page
PDF and print it out — or better yet, be green and read it directly
from your laptop or iPad. It’s not free, but for me $5 is a small price
to pay for a few buzzworthy projects to curb the boredom. -Julie

Just in time for Spring Break, get your Action Pack Mini-Mag from

[via design mom]