There’s a lot of talk about Starbuck’s new logo launch this week, and frankly, whatever. What I like is that it gave them an excuse to offer customers their new treats to sample, totally free.

Starbucks has just introduced Starbucks Petites,
desserts that are the perfect size for me or my kids. These treats
aren’t exactly low-fat, but a mini peanut butter and chocolate cupcake
has to be better than one four times the size.

Thanks to what
Starbucks calls their “Tribute Days,” if you’re buying a drink between 2
and 5PM today through Saturday,  you can try a free Starbucks Petite. I
recommend the lemon square and my daughter was thrilled with her Rocky
Road Cake Pop.

If only the calories were free in that other sort of way. – Elizabeth

Find out more about Starbucks Petites and their Tribute Days.