custom birth chartWell, I do believe I have just discovered the most original new baby gift on the planet. Bold proclamation, I know, but have a look at these new custom birth charts by Amy Karol –yes, she of “Bend-the-Rules Sewing and Bend-the-Rules with Fabric fame. And then try to tell me they aren’t a perfectly amazing baby gift.

Including information about astrological sign, birthstone, birth
flower and more, Amy creates a beautiful hand-lettered and hand-drawn
birth chart based on the name and birth date that you provide.

illustrations are simple yet striking, and the final product –which is
digitally reproduced and printed on heavyweight, highly-textured
paper– is most certainly a work of art.

She also assigns a one-word meaning to each image, keeping it
positive (or neutral) since, as she explains, no one really wants
“slightly delusional arsonist” on a custom birthchart. Yeah. I think
she’s right there. –Stephanie

Find illustrator/author Amy Karol’s custom birth charts online at the Amy Karol Etsy shop.