Eclu Design Your own ClutchAttention all you picky handbag ladies, daughters of picky handbag ladies, sisters or nieces of picky handbag ladies. –yeah you. You know who you are. Behold the brilliance of the design-your-own handbag line from boston Etsy seller Eclu.

If you’re already starting to think Mother’s Day, this is a neat shop to have on the radar. The platinum peony clutch would happen to look awesome with my own mom’s naturally silver hair. Not your style? The cool thing with a design-your-own handbag
line is that you’ve got other options. You choose the colors inside and
out, the style of flower or bow you love, and you’re in business. You
can even have a personalized inscription added inside, which really makes it special.

My favorite part though is that the silk dupioni flower on the clutch detaches, so you can put it to use elsewhere. An accessory and handbag in one purchase? Yessss. –Liz

Design Your Own handbag online from Etsy’s Eclu and save 10% on orders of 5 or more handbags.