Gustafer Yellowgold Infinity Sock
Though “infinity sock” sounds like what I face when I’m matching up pairs in another endless load of laundry, it’s actually the name of the fourth DVD/CD combo in the amazing Gustafer Yellowgold series by illustrator and songwriter Morgan Taylor.

For those of your who already know and love Gustafer Yellowgold, I have a feeling you don’t need to know much more to make you want to grab this newest release—yes, the music is that consistently good.

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Like the previous DVD/CD releases, the much-loved Mello Fever, Have You Never Been Yellow and Wide Wild World, Infinity Sock stars a big-eyed, former sun-dweller named Gustafer Yellowgold. Like my kids, Gustafer is forever curious about the world around him, and nothing seems more curious than the fact that one of his pet eel’s socks appears to have stretched out of his window into infinity. 

For little kids or for those of us running on hardly any sleep, this brightly animated and soothingly melodic alt-pop DVD is just fun to experience. My kids, including the almost-tween, were transfixed by the adventures of Gustafer, whether he was watching a rock-band of bees inside a hive or ogling some snakes dressed up for the prom. And I LOL over lyrics like the ones in Cheddar, a song about an orangey cat who knows the words to Bang-a-gong
If you scratch the surface of silly though, there is more than meets the eye here, namely bigger philosophical questions about all living creatures. And in Question Mark, a song that asks Why do I want to know so much?, even my why, why, why kids saw a bit of themselves in Gustafer’s lament. 
But, don’t worry if it doesn’t all make sense on the first spin; after all, I spent a couple of confused moments during Wisconsin Poncho trying to understand why all the clothes were made of cheese. I think this is one DVD/CD combo you’ll spin more than a few times, so you’ll have plenty of time to ponder the meaning. -Christina

Grab a copy of the new DVD/CD combo Infinity Sock from the Gustafer Yellowgold website or from our affiliate, Amazon.

Congratulations to Amorette D. for winning a copy of Infinity Sock!

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